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This Week at Powergrip USA: June 5, 2023

Everyone has that go-to disc. For some it changes every few months, and some of us have been throwing the same types of discs for years. Whether it's teeing off with a Innova Wraith, or enjoying that one Discraft Zone that's already beaten it, it gets the job done. Everyone is different, and that's part of what makes disc golf fun.

Even for creatures of habit, we've got all your backups and replacements covered, from the Innova Roc3 to the Kastaplast Guld.  Let's jump into what's new this week at Powergrip USA. 

New at the Shop: Clash Discs Sunny Tour Series 

A few weeks ago, Clash released the 2023 Tour Series Box Sunny Plastic Edition. Fast forward to this past Friday, Clash Discs made their Sunny Plastic 2023 Tour Series available for individual purpose. 

Sunny plastic is a premium blend that's slightly stiffer than the iconic Steady plastic blend. It's both torque resistant and suitable for those hot summer afternoons. Some Sunny runs appear to be slightly flatter than what we're used to with the previous Steady runs. Nonetheless, everything looks and feels fantastic. If you're a fan of stiff but not hard plastic blends, this is going to be in your wheelhouse. Here's an outline of what dropped for this 2023 Tour Series:

In case you missed it...

Check out the latest releases and restocks you may not have caught:

Staff Pick: Latitude 64 Royal Grand Savior

Approaches? Mid range drives? Touchy upshots? The Latitude 64 Royal Grand Savior does all of the above. The top of this disc is flat, which makes it comfortable for forehand shots. Slightly overstable with solid glide, this makes for the perfect approach and mid range hybrid disc. Expect the Royal Grand plastic to be as premium as ever. No flashing, enhanced grip, and tons of durability. Some of the best plastic on the market. Yes, really. 

Flight numbers: 4, 4, 0, 2

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