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This Week at Powergrip USA: July 11, 2023

Glitsches to Arrive Soon

Good news! Those who are waiting on a R2 Eclipse Rim Glitch Glitsch pre-order won't have to wait much longer. We expect for these to start shipping as early as next week. 

A few weeks ago, we announced our brand new collab series release with Simon Lizotte and MVP Disc Sports. The Neutron Soft Glitch quickly became a favorite among disc golfers. Now, we've teamed up with Simon and MVP to help create an exciting new Glitch we think everyone will love. The R2 Eclipse Rim Glitch Glitsch Simon Lizotte & MVP Powergrip Collab Series is here.

Simon mentioned the word "glitsch" in his YouTube vlog last month. In German, the word actually means slippery, which definitely explains the odd spelling.

While pre-orders launched last month, orders placed by Sunday, July 2 are guaranteed to be delivered as part of this initial release. We will keep pre-orders open after July 2, but customers may have to wait a bit longer to receive their discs.

We're excited to offer such a unique and fun release to everyone, as this will support Simon directly. 

Upcoming Releases

The successor to Niklas Anttila's signature PD drops this week:

Grab something fun from this batch of releases from our friends over at Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs. Pencil in an online launch for Thursday July 13, Noon Eastern Time:

New at the Shop

Check out the latest releases and restocks you may not have caught:

Staff Pick: Neutron Zenith Twisty James Team Series

In the spirit of Team MVP, this week we're highlighting the first distance driver in James Conrad's line of discs. The Neutron Zenith Twisty James Team Series is going to fill that 11-speed slot, and is perfect for players transitioning to high-speed distance drivers. 

The Zenith has a fair amount of glide, followed by some solid turn and fade. Don't be intimidated, you don't need to have extremely strong arms to get some distance here, making this a suitable option for many.

Flight numbers: 11, 5, -0.5, 1

Also available in Plasma plastic, and various Neutron runs.

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